How do you deal with online haters? POLL

  • I ghost them
  • I invite them for tea and biscuits and discuss in staccato voices our amusing little differences
  • I join them in their hatred
  • I propose marriage on the spot

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I only go on two forums

This one is pretty stable, but the other I go onto you better watch what you post if you don’t want a blunt response. Still helpful people there

Don’t really get involved much on FB. I am a member of a Dewalt group and like to talk about the latest tools on there a lot

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I just ignore them.

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I got into an online fight with a libertarian many years ago on FB, and after he lost he made a meme of my profile photo and hanging me with an obnoxious death threat caption. I reported him to FB to have it removed.

Good times when I had fb on public. Not any longer though.

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Dewalt? I had to google that. I’m sure we all have our share of unusual interests.

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It’s a pretty good make of tools.

There is a strong rivalry between Dewalt owners and Makita

Basically once you buy the batteries, you’re pretty much tied into a brand for power tools


I’m quite happy with my fb experience. I’ve only blocked a few people since I opened my account. I don’t think I’ve ever had to make a formal complaint. But yes, I’ve had some arguments with self-styled libertarians too, always equipped with their enfant terrible persona and dog whistles.

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Do you mean haters as in groups of people who gang up on celebrities and public figures?

@Montezuma No, just people hating any of us. But you seem too nice to be hated by anyone. And I look forward to hearing more of your film making. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks bud! :blush:

I’m a pretty friendly fella in real life, too.

I almost bought another camera the other night but I would’ve been nearly broke for the rest of the month. :joy:

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Now @seksoempirico tell me, how could anyone hate on you? You’re so charming.

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:rofl: :rofl: :innocent: 555555555

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