How do you deal with not having a family of your own?

I think it is not only difficult to build a life in the case of schizophrenia / psychosis. It is a big task. But when I look around me at other people. Then I see that there are many people who have problems with their health.

If you have the power to open yourself up. Then I would do it. But when it gives a lot of stress and you lose yourself. Then I would choose for a “einzelganger” lifestyle. You can still do stuff. Only you play your cards on safe. I like to play my cards on safe.
maybe I should try something else. haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I breathe a sigh of relief. I lived with my sister and my 5 year old nephew for three years. It wasn’t terrible living with a kid but the experience sure made me not miss having my own kids.

The most important thing is to be a genius and of good health and physical fitness.


Sup Erez what are u upto…???

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Im gonna buy a dog and not think about this topic.

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I’m alone. I don’t have a husband or partner or any kids or grandkids. All I have is a very devoted cat and I love him very much. He’s my family. I fill my life with books, music, yoga, meditation and prayer. That’s more than enough for me.


Sorry, @Chess24, not everybody can be a genius.

Too many bad memories taught me that family life is not what it’s cracked up to be. I figure I’m the lucky one.

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No, the most important thing is to be happy with what you have, not sad about what you think you should have.


Currently I live with my parents and brother but despite that I still feel lonely. I don’t handle it very well. I’m hoping to find someone special to marry that is ok with not having kids. I’m exhausted all the time and I don’t think I could handle a career and kids. I’m hoping I’ll have a career in a couple of years. I was reading another forum where a lot of the men said that a woman that doesn’t want kids and just focuses on a career they wouldn’t even consider getting together with. I mean, the thought of not having kids makes me sad sometimes but I just don’t think I could handle the responsibility. I don’t want to have my own kids because I would have to go off the Meds and lose everything to do it, and as far as adopting I doubt with my diagnoses of major depression and schizophrenia and anxiety that they would give me a kid. I’m getting tired of listening to the radio because all the songs are about relationships and it makes me cry and think about how I’m going to die alone. But I get bored while driving to school so I listen anyways.

Happy Birthday! :cake:

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I am sad about not being able to have kids. I don’t think I will.
I can barely take care of myself. It is not possible for me.

Instead, I decided to focus on work. I wanna become successful, have a few businesses by the time I am 40 and also travel the whole world. I can not have a family of my own, but I can live like a rockstar. (apart from the constant intrusive thoughts ofcourse :slight_smile:

Einzelganger lifestyle - What does that mean? Is it German? @stefan24

i’ve been thinking about this too lately, it’s likely if I got married i’d become divorced, as I’m really only doing it for a kid.

If I father a child I wont have enough money for anything else. which means i’ll be living on government assistance my later years at a home somewhere, also i’d have to work even later into life for the sake of my child

if I don’t have kids and a marriage id survive with friends and family and my quality of life would be pretty good

At the moment i’m thinking about taking out life insurance and listing one my favorite niece/nephews as the recipient…it’d make me feel good to give back…like I didn’t waste my life.

It’s best to look at the bright side in life and count your blessings even the possibility for things to happen is a positive keep working towards all the positives no matter how big or small in your life. And meet the challenges learn to work through the hard times.

Well I had my family, raised my children and husband passed away so now I’m on my own. I have days I’m depressed and miss that purpose but slowly am learning ways to cope and even enjoy “me” time. I go to different chat rooms, search things I’m interested in on the internet, watch movies, read books, have people over, go places for short times, buy and eat unique (new types) of foods. I make it all a part of my journey. So even though I have a family I can relate what it’s like not having a family so I develop interests and delve into them. My interests change over time but that’s ok too, it keeps me busy and interested.

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I have three fat long haired cats to keep me company 24/7.

Yes, its german. But the word is used all around the world.
It means that you mainly live alone.
A little independent and little contact with others. And especially alone.

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This has been getting me down as well. I am so out of it when in psychosis, I worry about being in a relationship while its happening. I’ve always wanted kids and it upsets me that I probably never will.

Finding someone who can handle sz worries me. I’ve never had a hard time finding relationships but keeping them through psychosis? Much harder.

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