How do you deal with intrusive thoughts?

I keep getting urges to self-harm or slit my throat. How do you deal with those thoughts?
And when there is a bus coming by I want to jump in front of it but I always try to stop myself from doing that.

It kind of scares me and now I’ve been getting those thoughts constantly.


I let the urges pass. Do some breathing. I had urges to stab a knive into my neck or chest or to cut my arms with a razor blade. I don’t act uppon these urges.

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At the time i have these urges too. I am just not acting on it, similar to other thoughts. Well, i wish i would have some sort of manual to fix it. The best i can do is think positive and try to be more active.

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If it’s really bad i go to bed and take a benzo. (i have got selfharm intrusive thoughts too)

Otherwise i try to let them stay “in the background” of the mind

Sometimes there creeps in thoughts to do self harm. I take d-vitamin as a anti-depressive. And take other foods that boosts my mood. Like raw cocoa, certain fruit juices and teas can lift my spirit amongst other.

The tabbaco i smoke put me more and more into debt. Hopefully i can quit tomorrow. When i can get up as usual. I am so crazy over tabbaco, i am scared to do something stupid. Should i get help, i mean i just getting laughed at there. I flipped out already last week.

i try to put my mind on other things… it’s hard but it works for me usually… and when things get really bad i take lorazepam, but that doesn’t happen a lot. Most of the time i can put my mind on other thoughts… when i was still hearing voices it was hard cause they kept pushing me…

If you’re having serious urges like this you need to report it to your doctor / psychiatrist.

I did, and she keeps sending me home without intervention.

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That sucks. All I can suggest is L-theanine. That’s helped one person here with intrusive thoughts. Might be worth a go.

There are solutions. You can wear sort of a light-colored beanie, and it can protect you from intrusive
thoughts. Good luck.

That is some seriously bad advice. Magical thinking.

Hats do nothing to protect against intrusive thoughts. That’s delusional.

Honestly, I let them pass. I get them all the time. Stupid things and dangerous ones, too. I do my best to take a breath and say to myself “nope”.

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Heres the clockface I installed

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