How do you deal with akathisia?

I get akathisia on latuda. I take propranolol and cogentin and benedryl but still get the feeling that im jumping out of my skin

Don’t know the trade name but in the UK they prescribe procyclidine. Don’t think this is used in the U.S.

i got that on Latuda too, I still get it on Haldol a bit. I take klonopin, maybe your doc can prescribe this. Some are weird about benzos.

I don’t abuse it so…

Benzos really help it. I dunno, I became used to it. It is worth the sanity points I gain from Geodon.


I just “deal-with-it.jpeg”. Sometimes it can actually start to feel good, I’m not a masochist about it, though.

I had that problem…its a real headwrecker. I think you need a med change