How do you deal with abusive voices?

My voices used to be abusive and I would just suffer. I had to quit my job. I wore a blanket every day and just walked around like a zombie.

Every new day was a new adventure of what torture they would put me through. Long story short, eventually they became nicer. I still would look catatonic sometimes from the inner conversations.

So I never learned to deal with mean voices. How is it done? Do you yell back? Do you ignore it? What’s your trick to handling it?

I don’t hear voices, but i have got attacks of very aggressive, loud thoughts, that says unpleasant things. Suicidal things. First i try to keep doing the things i planned to do, and let them stay in the background, if it gets to bad, i take a benzo go to bed and find a fantasy or a daydream that can distract me. After an hour or two they stop.

But honestly, i don’t know what else to do, but i hope you find a solution.

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Thank you for your response. I hope your situation gets better too.

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