How do you deal with a colleague who ignores you?

It’s annoying At first he was like if you need any help ask him but when I sent him an email requesting help on two occasions I was ignored. So now I can’t get some of my work done.

When that happens to me at work sometime, I rewrite the request… stating the time line… and I CC the boss in the e-mail.

So if your still ignored… the boss knows it wasn’t me.

You don’t need to be friends with this person… you just need the resources to finish your job.


Just ring him. Tell him he must be busy etc, make light of it, and ask for the information over the phone.

Cc’ing the boss might cause bad blood. But cc’ing the boss certainly has its appropriate place and time.


Very true… good advice…

nice first… blood later.


It’s really weird I even communicate with my colleague next to me via messenger system we have. So I even tried messaging him so he’d get the query quicker and his response was “oh”. Wtf does that mean ? He is senior member of staff and I find this very unprofessional.

If he continues to ignore you, I’ve always found using the email carbon copy function to his direct superior to be an effect way to ensure he responds in a reasonable amount of time. This is assuming that what you need help with is part of his expected duties.

I hate to say this because I am 99.99% certain it will be misinterpreted, but nevertheless, given how much you struggle, why are you continually trying to work? I have observed a pattern over the past six months, for sure. Are you able to see that pattern?

Why don’t you accept the fact that you have treatable problems, get yourself on disability and medi-medi (or even medi-medi-medi), and get proper treatment so that you are sufficiently functional to be able to work?

If it’s anything like my workplace, maybe he’s busy/overwhelmed? It’s not an excuse, but we’re understaffed and overworked and things that are outside of our immediate job function get pushed back a lot. Can you walk to his desk to ask him? Sometimes I have to do that when I need things from other departments and I’m not immediately getting those things.

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Because me Drs see me fit for work? Because in this country I do not qualify for disability. Because I actually like working.


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