How do you curb sugar and carb cravings on antipsychotics

Im on olanzapine 5mg but only carbs seem to kurb my apatite

Drink water when hungry


I have no idea :woman_shrugging:. Maybe do an internet search. That might help. I do know that I think eating mint increases the appetite. There are some foods like tomatoes that burn calories.

Drink more water.

Yeah it’s hard. I’m doing keto so carbs and sugar aren’t good and I do well most of the time but found if I start I just binge sugar or carbs.

I’m trying hard to incorporate sporadic times where I can enjoy some things without affecting my diet so I can still enjoy a meal out for example. It’s so hard to eat out on keto.

Most antipsychotics are notorious weight gainers so diet and exercise is really the way to go…I know it’s hard but exercise and diet do get easier the more you do it for sure.


Eat fruits. Works for me. 1515


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