How do you cope with Life Pressures

anyone else under any pressure?

I am not under pressure but are you?

School… yes

Family… for now… yes.

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I’m currently pressuring myself to lose weight.

some pressure is good but if it gets too much it can be deadly


many of my pressures are self inflicted…

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i know what you mean,

it creeps up on me if i don’t relieve it

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I am under some pressure, it concerns my folks and my future living arrangements.
I have been triggered because of it - having a long talk about my future with my brother could alleviate some of the stress - my wonderful therapist came up with the idea

That is an interesting conundrum… Getting the future sort of mapped out and settled could give you peace of mind… but then… I’ve read how much your brother can get under your skin and be toxic…

I hope you can find a third option. Good luck… there is nothing like family sometimes… :wink:

I’m being persuaded to try and open up and be kind… to the brother of mine who has been toxic… still pondering…

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Well yes he is toxic but he is also going to be my Trustee - it’s business really.
I just don’t have the patience anymore

Work pressure is slowly destroying me.
Sometimes I wonder how I ended up not being able to cope with stress anymore. A lot of the time I think about just downgrading to really simple job working for someone a job that I can just go to and then come home and forget about it

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Not being your own boss has it’s pressure too…

Is there anyway you get maybe get your most trusted employee to help you with some of the business and book keeping side of things? Still be the boss… but have some help?


keep calm and walk the dog.

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