How do you control your appetite?

Lack of sleep is a major trigger for my hunger. Also I started taking my full 3mg dose of risperdal at bedtime so i dont seem to get an upset stomach as much during the day and seem to sleep deeper at night.

I use the atkins protein shakes which are pretty low carb and seem easy on my stomach mostly.


That’s so awesome. Do you feel that you are benefitting from them?


I think so… I also use some dry protein powder shakes but the atkins has more vitamins. It is nice to find some non meaty foods that are high in protein and low in sodium and saturated fat.


I have concentrated on eating foods that are filling for me.


I heard foods high in fiber are filling.


Geodon killed my appetite.


I am on generic prolixin (fluphenazine), and managed to lose all my extra weight. I am happy.

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I quit sugar, which stopped the cravings. Now I follow a very limited diet (dairyfree keto). This keeps my psyche the most stable. But it also controls appetite and weight. I have two or three good meals a day. And no or hardly any snacks. Because I eat well and healthily when I eat, with a lot of fat and quite a bit of protein (e.g. a big piece of meat or fish), I’m not easily hungry inbetween meals. And I do not crave junkfood or sugarstuff. I think eating healthy food, with enough vitamins and all, also makes me less hungry, because I’m not secretly starving myself while eating empty calories. I also supplement stuff, like B-vitamins and iron.

That’s my strategy though…it’s rather radical and not easy. I sometimes crave cookies and cakes. But because I have good quality food that fills the stomach, I’m okay.


Long time no see! Hope you are well? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

I’m okay. I was addicted to internet, so I forbid myself to use it for a while. Now I’m back online for a moment, but will limit it. I had a tough period after family trouble, but it is starting to look brighter. I had a nice day in the sun today. How are you?

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I am well.

Had a rough few days in my mood a few days ago, but I saw a guy on the TV this morning who had what looks like everything and was still clinically depressed. He was a knighted ‘Sir’, a 6 time olympic gold medal winner, wife and kids, wealthy etc… And there he was more unhappy than me!

It just shows how subjective happiness is after all.

Made me think really and realise a little peace today.

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I’ve been on abilify 1 month now. First 3 weeks I ate EVERYTHING. It’s improving a lot now though, I eat nore sensibley.

I noticed when I would change meds it was rough first few weeks, hopefully it improves.

Sorry you had a few rough days, but happy the show made you feel a little peace again. Hope things are going up the next period.

It is subjective indeed. I had a similar experience today. But exactly the opposite. I sat in the sun with my neighbour today. He is old, severely disabled and very poor. He was heavily abused as a kid, his dad was murdered, he lived in children’s homes, he doesn’t see his kids. And he said: “but I am a happy person, I am never depressed”. He is always a joy to be around. Talking with him lifted me up and made me see what is possible still.

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I think if you eat the same few things all the time you wind up eating less. Just make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

This is not true. Read the book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, by Mireille Guiliano. She says that the more varied and diverse your diet, the less you will tend to eat because your palate will be much more satisfied. @Lcray

People get very lean on the carnivore diet, eating nothing but meat, and as much as they want. When it comes to dieting there is always conflicting data, both facts and opinions. I keep a healthy bmi eating a small variety of inexpensive foods.