How do you control paranoia


If I get paranoid thoughts causing paranoid mind processes, I try to logically think through these thoughts and what might have caused these or just sometimes I just ignore these and go on and thoughts disappear eventually. What are your methods?


sometimes I have to just ride it out and make myself stay where I’m at… make myself ignore what’s swirling around in my head, or go somewhere else where I feel safe for a moment and catch my breath and sort of hit the reset button.


When I am paranoid and delusional, I’m not using Occam’s razor. If I can calm down enough to think things through, I can see that the only evidence for what is troubling me exists only on the fringe of my perception. The emotional toll from the delusion often remains for a while though.


When paranoia hits me it’s often associated with delusional thinking. It makes sense at the time, and it becomes my reality. Once it hits me I’m in it until it decides to leave. I just try to accept whatever paranoia or fear is present, ride the wave out, take deep breaths, adapt to the process taking place, and progressively overcome the situation. Through reflection you can gain insight, recognize triggers, and develop some methods that will help manage your responses.


hide behind the sane person.
take care :alien:


I say “these feelings and thoughts aren’t my own, this does not feel like my head or my mind”. I am an adult, not a frightened child. I can deal with this.


Hmmm well first off I avoid triggers. I can get set off into thinking I’m in horrible danger for whatever reason. Certain things set it off, like darkness or dim lighting, cold temperatures, silence, sudden loud noise, etc. Also engaging in things that feed my delusions.

For paranoid thoughts that are more like “everyone’s against me” or whatever, which I get during episodes, thinking everyone hates me, I remind myself that during episodes I feel this way. Then I ask if there was anything that I could have possibly done to make them hate me, and see if there’s any real change in their behavior. So basically, like you said I rationalize through it.


The consequences my paranoid thoughts imply aren’t true - believing in that.


The same with me, most of the time I just have to try and muster through my delusional thinking once that goes away usually my paranoia calms down.


Yeah same here. Sometimes I really get immersed and it becomes my reality. The best thing I can do is accept the false reality until my focus grants some clarity. It’s a different story if I’m driving, or in a large crowd but time has always rescued me in the end.


It helps me to have someone else with me, and they can remind me what’s really happening and what’s not. My mom has spent quite a few nights with me back when I was going through my relapses and having panic attacks regularly. She’d simply talk with me and we’d go over various options of things happening, then sometimes we just tried to distract my mind and take my thoughts off the paranoia.By myself I don’t think I could distract myself the way of having someone else sit there and chat with you. My best friend (whose like a sister to me) has spent a few nights up with me too…make sure whomever you have is someone you can trust though, and will not aggravate your negative thinking more than what it’s at.


Yeah I agree completely, but I’m extremely introverted. My best friend lives 2,000 miles away, and I can only imagine me explaining my thoughts to any of my close friends here, although I do a little. I’m blessed to have an authentic rapport with my Psychologist and Doctor. My sister has SZ, but we rarely talk anymore after life happened. I salute those suffering w/no support or family. I can’t imagine how challenging that must be.