How do you answer the question "How are you?"

I am greater than you can possible imagine.

I have been privileged.

personly I hate it, fine isn’t my choice of word.

“Same as usual.”, is the answer, usually.

Either “Tired but hopeful” or “I’m doing alright, how are you?”

Depends who is asking. Someone who I dont want to talk to I just say, " I’m ok" that’s it

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The worst is when people ask you “What’s new and exciting”.


Depends on who’s asking me the question. If it is people i’m very close to, i will tend to tell the truth. If it is someone i’m only acquainted with, then i’ll put on a safe facade and pretend everything is okay.

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I usually lie and say , " nothing at all"

I said “same old; same old” once and the guy mocked me. It was work related

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You lie. 99% of the time the person asking doesn’t care and isn’t really looking for a response. In most situations its far more awkward to go into detail about how you are actually feeling emotionally/mentally.

“Im alright thanks” “Im not too bad thanks” something like that which is short and to the point.

The only time I actually give a proper answer is when there’s only 2 or 3 people in the room and I trust all of them to listen and give an answer to my problem. In that situation sometimes I’ll respond with - “I feel stressed out.” “If Im honest X is bothering me at the moment.” “Well, I dont really know how to deal with Y.” But thats if I really trust them and know that I can count on them. A lot of my close friends I’ll just lie and then talk about film or something.

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