How do you answer the question "How are you?"

Today, I feel like answering “Small and dry.”

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Sick yet hopeful

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I always say “I’m good how are you” like a parrot


It’s a polite question to make the other person feel more comfortable.

A piece of the book “Plan B” by Sheryl Rosenberg, where she recently lost her husband to heart attack, she harps on this exact phrase.

She actually went on Facebook and asked her colleagues to say: How are you (today)? And having that one word extra, was helpful for both parties.


I just answer alive

I just say fine and change the subject.

I am not open with anyone about my illness

Normally with a lie.


I always lie and say ‘okey doke’ and you?

Oh really sorry I meant Sheryl (Sandberg!).

My old man would say here (and to himself) that it’s indicative of having somewhat of a problem.

But I’m def. Sz before anything else.

And at worst I’m a big equal opportunity offender.

I’m hardest on myself with (cognitive bias - real thing).

As for my old man I only wish he’d treat the mind like a computer. He has passion for the latter and not really the former.

It’s the delusion thing (my affinity for Brando)… he has a chapter on Wikipedia that talks about his 1978 interview with Larry King(a Jew). Brando was wrong and being sneaky. But it’s still “on me” or at least feels like it sometimes.

I have a lot of trouble with that question. My pdoc laughs when he asks and I say I don’t know to answer. With my nurse I say fine and then later when more specific questions I can answer on my struggles etc
I don’t know if that is a schizotypal thing

“I’m fine, thanks, how are you?”

I usually say ‘I’m alright, how are you?’

And then if its like my friend I would make sure to expand on that. Don’t want them thinking I’m not seeing them even though I’m ‘alright’

Depends who’s asking, but in person I usually just laugh or say “oh, you know” to avoid actually answering. I don’t like to lie and say I’m fine, but I know no one actually cares how I’m doing.

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I’m a 7 out of 10 today.

I’ve been better, but I’ve been much worse… then shrug lol

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I care about how you’re doing! :hugs:

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Thank you, love. :heart::heart::heart:

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“that’s a good question”


Hey, I’m good, how are you?

I think that’s my usual answer, it really depends on each situation.

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