How do you all keep track of hygene?

I used to be really good about hygiene when showering at the gym. But they closed the showers at the gym cuz of COVID & I’m out of the habit now.

But If I go over 70 hours without a shower its too much. That would be a mistake to go longer than that.

I wondered if I started making notes in my Google Calendar about when I showered/brushed if that would help.

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60 hours, ha, are you keeping track of the hours.

it just depends upon the day

cuz I deal with vertigo, sometimes just plain dizziness,
but other times, total spinning.

anyway, so I don’t always get in the shower for fear of falling down.
I really should seriously get one of those mats.

lately just been sponge bathing.

Bath mats are cool. Alternately. I put Appliques in my tub to give traction…

ohhh, never heard of that, Jay.
maybe I’d know it if I saw it.

It helps to have a routine. On my days off of work I don’t do much hygiene stuff but when I’m leaving for work my routine is shower and brush my teeth


i shower on wednesday and take a bath on sunday, i track it like that… i keep strict to my routine.

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I shower either once a week or 3 times a day. There is no in between :joy:

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I smell myself and when it feels odd I shower or take a bath. In summer it’s usually every other day.

I shower every day.
It’s best to be clean as possible.

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İ m showering every 3 day in summers and every 7 days in winters.its kind a dirty habit but i can not do better.i mean i m not horribly dirty or stink but not the cleanest person eighter.lets say i m just average clean sz patient.

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Google calendar and several reminder apps as well.

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I think it depends a lot what you do during the day how much you need to take a shower. If you are sweating and getting stinking you will need to take a lot more showers than if you are sitting comfortably in the AC and not getting sweaty.

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I force myself to shower every day because it helps me get my day started

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just shower every other day and your problem is solved. It would be easier than trying to keep track. You probably need a shower every other day now that it’s summer anyway just to keep nice and fresh. In the winter you could probably stretch it out to every third day.

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