How do you adjust to medication changes?

For me I been changed to an anxiety med and cannot remember my new routine because my old routine is still stuck in my head have any of you all had that?

Thanks my mind has been real blurry especially when talking to people it’s like what’s on my mind something different gets perceived or assumed by others. Well I just made two topics sorry about that.

Have a good one.

I just made a med change. It’s really kind of complicated, I’m tapering off one med and onto another. So the pill box is very handy for sorting when what to take on which days.


I just take them and see what happens. If I have to get the dose adjusted, I do it. There are usually some royal screw ups. I I put up with them like a horse that’s being beaten.

maybe try setting an alarm on your phone or something?

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I had so many med changes from 1997 to 2003 that I just had to have someone write down for me what I needed to take and when (when I was not in a hospital or board-and-care).

I think you know guys I’m finally getting used to my new anxiety meds. Right when I wake I take them say at 6 am then again at 12p and 6p. That’s the buspar. The at 9 pm trazodone and klonopin. You know my therapist she said the timing is very important.

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With meds, yes, indeed.


keep your pdoc well informed about your problems with your med’s. Be assertive. If you show them that you are trying to work with your med’s, and you’re not just rebellious, they should be amenable to requests for med changes from you. Medications can be a trial and error process. Keep working until you find the best fit for you.


I made the mistake of telling my pdoc that I gave a couple of my klonopin to a girl who was jonesing for heroin. He yanked me off my klonopin. Live and learn.

State laws often require it, actually. No if’s, and’s or but’s are tolerated vis giving others one’s prescription drugs in many states. The doc can lose his license if he knows it is occurring.


I started on Vistaril recently for anxiety and sleep. The side effects were too severe on the first dosage, so I got the nurse practitioner to prescribe a lower dose. That didn’t work correctly either so I stopped. Now I have to start over again with the nurse practitioner. As for the time to take them, I make sure I have the right time of day and the right exact time. I know I have to take them at the exact time, give or take a few minutes. My new routine fits in with my old routine.

I get my pills in rolls of small, sealed plastic bags so when they get adjusted it is not so difficult to remember. Also I don’t have to keep track of how many pills I have left or go to the pharmacy to get my meds. I get them when I go to my weekly appointments. It is very handy. Before I got them in individual plastic bags I would run out of meds all the time.

I wonder if adding a very low dose of highly sedating Seroquel quetiapine to your existing anti-P about an hour before bed time would help. I know everyone is different, but I get a perfect night’s sleep on 25 mgs. (Vs. the 150 or more used to treat sz.)

Thank you. I will not take Seroquel under any circumstances. I was taking 100mgs. at bedtime for several years. I am quite familiar with this drug. Even 25mgs. is pernicious. I can’t tolerate Seroquel at any dosage. I don’t mind missing the sleep and make up for it more than adequately early in the morning or during the day. If the Vistaril fails, I will have to look around for another drug.