How do you accept it if your time to die may be early

But of click bait lol.

But in all honesty, I might.

Because idk what the cause of my pulsatile tinnitus is yet. It could be stenosis or something and idk if I’d want brain surgery.

So how do you be ok with dying prematurely.

How would you make yourself feel OK with that situation like I don’t want to fear that I want to be like it is what it is

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They are doing mri s on me at some point. I’ll go private for it if they refuse.

So I pray that my brain is OK.


There’s history of stroke on both sides of my family and I have a history of eating way too much cheese and stuff

And also antipsychotics increase stroke risk


I Once was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing. I started laughing. I would laugh dead in the eyes. I’m OK with dying.


Seems like they all say when you go in
To doc or your fsmily
There’s nothing to worry about.
I come across as hypochondriac
But that could mean bad care too.
What are you getting if yet for answers
During this pandemic?

I’m good with it as long as its after my youngest becomes an adult. She turns 17 in November.

Yea I am waiting until the Pandemic is over for my first step in answers.

I will have to make a case for it because one doctor refused already for a cardiovascular mri
I don’t know if it’s lack of care or lack of funding on the NHS :frowning:

I also have tinnitus but very occasionally, its nothing dangerous, I think you worry too much.
I don’t think they do brain surgery for tinnitus.
I read on wikipedia that the only proven treatment is psychotherapy.

How many times a day you have tinnitus?


I can hear my blood rushing in my brain at night. There are people who get stenting surgery for this.

It’s not the normal kind of tinnitus. What do you hear?

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Ringing in the ears, I hear long beeps.

I read its more common in ppl with mental illnesses.

I think i will die early and I kinda accept it might happen… there’s a family history of all types of cancer


I’m not afraid of death, and certainly I don’t care for 10 years more or less. I’ve seen it all. I may get out of the theater hall now.


I have had tinnitus for so long i can remember. It’s just a long beeeeeeeeeeeeb in my left ear, sometimes also the right ear. It’s worst when stressed or fatigued.

I don’t worry to much about it.

Try to distract from it. Sometimes i listen to to the beeeeeb until i fall asleep


I don’t want to die. I want a full life experience. I’d say I have a lot of it done but there is more I want to do.


I’m lucky cos I can turn my head in a certain way and then I stop hearing it but it’s still really disturbing cos it just sounds like there’s a disturbance in my blood flow and it is in sync with my pulse so it’s not just some hearing issue for me. Plus people end up getting pulsatile tinnitus in both ears eventually. I hope it’s something harmless.
Sorry you got tinnitus it is kinda annoying. But it’s good you’re not worried about it.

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Yes, its best to get i checked, but like @Daze says, GP’s often regard people suffering form MI as hypochondriac. I have given up doctors for that reason.

I hear my own pulse/ blood running i my left ear. It’s annoying when you can hear your own body in that way. The body is supposed to be silent for internal sounds.

But i can easily think about something else, so it doesnt annoy me that much any longer.

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Your grandmother is 90 right?shes a female maybe you got her genetic

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I think i would just say that if it was my time to go then it was meant to be. It helps me to feel that everything happens for a reason.

I hope you end up being OK.

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She’s almost 98… maybe it’s possible

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