How do we get scored

What is the difference between believing in god ( an invisible man ) and having delusions about you being god.

are they both MEDS worthy?

I used to believe in God when I was younger. It’s different from a delusion, because you know there is no definitive proof of his existence, and you still fear death and you still think rationally in your everyday life.
Whereas, in a delusion, you are unshakeably convinced it’s true. If you thought you were God, you would even decide to jump off a building and people could not talk you out of it, because your capacity for rational thinking has been obstructed.

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A mental Illness is when one person believes it. A cult is when multiple but not too many people believe it. A religion is when many people believe it!


try tell a religious fanatic that.

But i get what you saying <3

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we have done this debate many times before… no one wins and every one leaves with a bad taste in their mouth…

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They say there are no atheists in fox holes, and if I was in a fox hole with shells exploding around me I would probably be praying faster and harder than anyone. I see religion as a reaction to being overwhelmed by life. I don’t hold that against people because life is pretty overwhelming. However, I am secure enough from the hardships of life that I have the luxury of being objective. I don’t think the concept of God can withstand objective analysis. There might be some kind of spirit of the universe, but I don’t believe he or she is anything like the way he or she is portrayed by organized religion.

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My apologies then sister

you are a terrible guesser…lol