How do u message someone on here?

It seems like all I can do is post on threads someone help please. And how do u change ur name

You do not currently have PM capabilities, due to past behavior. This is temporary, and you can earn back PM capabilities by continuing to act appropriately. If you want to change your name, just ask one of us mods and we can change it for you.

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Who’s a mod ???

I am!!! What do you want your new name to be?

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Jimbo thanks man

We already have a jimbob. I think that name would get too confusing. Do you have another name in mind?

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Jamie thanks man

Pretty sure ninjastar is a woman.


Try jay thanks ok

Sorry, those are all taken :confused:

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you would know, pervert.

lol lol just kidding.
lol lol lol can’t stop laughing as you were in that thread where I posted this.

but honestly, I know not anyone’s gender here. some don’t identify as man or woman and do find those labels offensive…

I don’t know why…

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I could be a really ugly woman, posing as a man to avoid public Humiliation :stuck_out_tongue:


your username emphasizes gender…

perhaps to cover! :spy:

lol lol just kidding


Isn’t there like 58 genders or something according to some people? Unless you are in the state of new york you can call someone who looks like a woman a woman until they correct you. I may forget after that and get it wrong a couple of times too. To me you are born a man, a woman, or you have some combination of parts. Unless I am forced by law I will call transgender by what I think they are unless they actually get the operation(most never do). My sisters friend was set to get the operation but then decided not to after he impregnated a woman. Now he is a man again.

There was a news story about a man who said he was a woman going to woman’s prison then being kicked out because he was having sex with all the women there. There was also a story about a man saying he was a woman and then winning the women’s wrestling tournament. I think there still needs to be much more though out about this stuff.

Should be stated a man has an X and Y chromosome. A woman has two X chromosomes. How the hell do you get 58 genders?

true. I used to be able to talk about both genders.

but I can only talk about men here…

lol lol lol

so I avoid using the “w” word, most times.

This is the internet. You have more freedom here. You can talk to a woman just like how you would talk or deal with a man.

And how exactly will you be able to tell? Do you have Xray vision or something? :rolling_eyes:


They bring it up.

It is interesting you made a good point. If they don’t bring it up I would still call them what I think they are. Just because what else would I call them.

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by their name, bro

pronouns are optional. you can use name. that’s how I do it.

can use the word “person.”

but I don’t talk to strangers…
I mostly talk to my bro.


But on the subject of pronouns. What then?

If you don’t know there name then what? Apparently this is a big issue to some. Enough that you have people willing to protest over it. But then do they protest over something that really matters like tax reform no. Well the tea party kinda did.

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