How do they get away with it?

World leaders. They kill so many people and never face justice.


Because people are kept pre-occupied with superficialities and uncapable of critical thinking? So they chose ruthless psychopaths with smooth talks as their leaders, consistently, in both public and private organizations and private life? Both with their votes and the way they spend their money and time and labour? And for those who do want change, it is difficult to change the existing systems, that are kept in place by people with loads of power, money and knowledge, and herds of people mindlessly following them (including me in a lot of things)?

Just guessing.


It varies from country to country. The mainland Chinese were so tired of being beaten down by foreign powers that invaded them that they welcomed Mao-tse-Tung as the leader of Communist China. Mao’s policies caused the deaths of many millions of Chinese. He traded grain for weapons with Russia, and that caused 40 million Chinese to die of starvation. They came up with the brilliant idea of killing all the sparrows in China because they were eating grain, but the sparrows ate bugs who ate Chinese grain too. More millions of Chinese to starved to death. Mao killed millions of political prisoners, and millions of Tibetans. Genocide is a lot more common than we like to think. The U.S. with its sordid history, is not nearly as bad as some countries overseas. We have the system of checks and balances. We have the free press. That keeps a lot of bad things in check.

They don’t directly kill people. But both good and bad are part of human nature. And for a world leader that bad side can result in massive death.

If you were a world leader you would probably be also responsible for death.