How do the med's physically weaken you, or, the only bad thing about Geodon

The only thing I don’t like about Geodon is that it weakens me physically every bit as bad as Haldol did. I can’t come off my med’s, though. I think I am going to have to resign myself from wanting to be heavyweight champion of the world.

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Oh yeah Geodon would knock me OUT and on top of that gave me very low blood pressure to where I had to walk extremely slowly like an old person everywhere or else risk passing out. ESPECIALLY if there was any kind heat involved. I took cool showers for quite a while.

I don’t find that it knocks my energy levels down, but I’ve been on it for about a decade now.

I haven’t been sedated on it, personally, and I was on some pretty high doses for someone of my size. It just gave me weird vibrating feelings in my arms that would only occur randomly and make it hard to sleep.

It doesn’t knock my energy levels down, but it does weaken me. That’s the only thing I don’t like about the drug.

I don’t know what’s meds and what’s normal physical health difficulties. I get svt’s and oxygen drops when i walk even on oxygen and heart meds. Hospice did move me to a lighter med. Hard to know what’s what with both physical and mi health issues sometimes. I do know the other med made me rock and muscle cramps and my breathing felt more labored. When they put me on the lighter one the rocking and cramps went away but my paranoia can come back episodal, so it’s really a trade off.