How do people respond

if you tell them you have sz? Are they understanding? Do they treat you different?

In my experiences, it’s all about choice - choosing who you tell what. Pick crappy people, get crappy results. This is 2015. People are beginning to realize sz is not what the media would have us believe 99% of the time. SOME people have gotten the message, but most remain aloof and ignorant. My brother-in-law, who I live with, doesn’t know I’m schizophrenic. I got a little wound up a couple months ago and got into one of my yelling tantrums that occur once or twice a year when things get too heavy and I crack for a few minutes. He is under the impression that I have “occasional bouts of anger.” And I’m content to leave it that way considering what an ignoramus he is. My 2 cents.


Helpful post - thanks!

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I sort of know going in how someone is going to react…

People who are kind hearts in general are also kind and understanding when I tell them.

People who shallow and gossipy and judgmental are that way with me.

I had one girlfriend leave me after 6 months when she finally realized what I was telling her… that I was Sz… but that says more about her then me… and it was a good break.