How do people get those tag lines next to their names?

I want one that says “Psalm 103:3”

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If it’s religious, I don’t think mods will accept it. But I am not sure

Not even a song? But I didn’t know honestly.

Religion and politics are not permitted generally. Ask for a tag line, if it’s not triggering to other members


How do I know if it’s triggering or not? Could anything be triggering? Or is just religion off topic?

I’m asking because I didn’t read the rules. I guess I feel like a forum shouldn’t have rules. Just a group of people talking and having fun. Keeping the conversation going.

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@anon51414962 Oh I see. I guess maybe not today but some day I’ll get banned. But all this is off topic about getting my tag line or not. If I can’t get that one then maybe “merry Christmas and a happy new year” I guess if I can’t have either I give up until something better comes to mind.

But I do want a name change to.

“Mercy and grace” or “love mercy and grace” if not long. Thanks.

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@ninjastar is a Moderator :slight_smile: or @anon9798425 could help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @anon51414962 you’ve been a big help.

(your name reminds me of a joke. “They said i had type - A blood but it was a typo”) So i like you.

But anyway mods here are pretty special. They hold all the power. Reminds me of a quote i heard. “Power without character is bad” But i trust this sites elected facilitators are good or trusted. But besides that a rule is a rule which should be followed. Especially if we want to play the game. Render to POTUS the things that are POTUS’s


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That’s me. POTUS. President of the undifferentiated schizophrenics.


I tried to memorize the whole Psalm once. Psalm 103. Can’t quote it here bc it’s triggering

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What about “hope and love”?

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I’m trying to set my profile pic to be mercy from overwatch. That’s why.

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I got the idea from a song. “I saw love mercy and grace. When I looked upon her face. I saw love mercy and grace.”

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Oh dear. I thought it meant “peeled off the underwear sexily.”

I am SO embarrassed!


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Mine was mysteriously bestowed upon me one day…:eyes::eyes:

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