How do people eat without cravings?

Like seriously! Since I started intermediate fasting I’ve stopped having cravings and half the time have no cluewhat to eat. … good news I’ve lost 3lbs so far


I rarely have cravings. If any, they are for chocolate or sugary products. But in general I try to keep a balanced diet, low in sugar and moderate in fat : lean meat, cheese, yogurt, vegetables, whole grains, no more than 2 eggs a week.


I crave things so I fit one serving into my daily 1200 calories per day

wow u lucky lucky person. wen i do IF it leads to bad cravings.

I have very little appetite and have been this way for quite some time. I’m at the lowest weight of my adult life. My gf says i eat like a bird. Weed helps my appetite so i do eat every day. Just not a lot.