How do normal people go to work?

Do they have to think about the job a certain way to gain will power?

Because I can’t seem to finish a video game (RPG) or I can’t seem to read. (I get really tired,unfocused,fatigued,angry at certain points)

An actual example is.
When I ride my bike.
I ride down the lane.
I want to turn left lane.
But my mind and body won’t let me.

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IDK, they haven’t found one yet.

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Back before I had sz it was really easy to work

A lot of people actually like their job. I liked my first job and the environment was nice. The people there were nice and we used to hang out after work on Fridays.

But now I have trouble showering, reading and leaving the house for anything.

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Yes me to.
Before I started having schizophrenia.
When I was 23.
I was able to have a steady job.
Then I started getting tired and…no will

I do feel like I’m on rape drugs

Try to add some decent exercise. It’s hard work but helps with negs and things like concentration.

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For the normal people it’s easy to put on mayo on bread.

An everyday task

But schizophrenics don’t have that? Well. I don’t so far I know

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My job was stressful but I used to love it.
Finally could no longer work.
Could no longer handle the stress.
My symptoms got in the way.


If someone gaved me 100$ and tells me to get a job from any angect

I’d do it

But I can’t. Not because I’m lazy or tired.because it feels like Im chained to the wall

For me my brain seems to use a different pathway for work. For things like video games, or self care like brushing teeth, showering, or for things like cleaning, etc. I have those same issues they are so challenging for me. But work just comes naturally i don’t even have to think about it. It is easy for me to go to work and do what is required of me. I don’t know why this is. It’s the same with school though.

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My most recent job I worked at for 8 years and felt like family with the owners. I felt comfortable sharing my schizophrenia diagnosis with them because I was having some problems and they fired me the very next day over text message. It hurt. I’m not sure working a traditional job is something I can do anymore.

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Not a good idea to tell work about mental illness.
I have never done it and was never fired from a job. I always gave up by myself by rage quitting. They call me and I tell them I am going back to university. That’s what’s written in government records. But my CV is bad now after quitting over 10 jobs. I can just tell them I was at university, they can’t know.


I really wish I hadn’t. I learned my lesson.

No,it’s discrimination…

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I’ve told every one of my employers. Have never lost a job. If you perform well and add value to the enterprise, you’re valued. That’s what they care about, not your label. If it lets them tick off a box saying they employ someone vulnerable, hooray. Me, I just like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from working and the pay packet that I get along side that.

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People in big surrounding jobs talk a lot…
After I was relised from hospital,I opened my hairdressing firm…
But the people sure did talk a lot,and it was big pressure.
But as long as I was working,didnt care

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I hate the government when I’m at work.

I have to work and set up a good career for myself, if I didn’t I’d probably end up dying (killing myself) because I’d have nothing else to live for besides family. I’ll probably just end up working my ass off the rest of my life or working myself to death until I find more pleasure and love in life.

You probably could have sued them, that is disability discrimination…

How do normal people go to work? I don’t know. I’m astounded at how motivated they are. I can’t imagine being so consistently motivated!