How do I wake up without panic

when i wake up I panic, go over a cycle of intrusive thoughts and images, have voices harass me. need help

Does anyone panic when they wake up

Is it possible that you are having bad dreams that are waking you up?

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Sometimes I wake up really anxious. But, I don’t think it is because of dreams, its because of some weird brain chemical thing and has not happened since my pdoc increased my celexa to 40mg.

I hope you can find some relief! Do you wake up from a bad dream, or have bad dreams at night?

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I was waking with pretty severe anxiety for about a year, though I wouldn’t say it was panic. Still don’t know what caused it. Buspar helped a little. I also started taking DHEA, an OTC supplement. I can’t tell if that’s helped. It has subsided over the last few months, but hasn’t completely disappeared. Tell your doctor. Yours may resolve on its own in time. My advice is to avoid benzos as a solution unless your doctor prescribes them.


Try eating sth before sleeping, it helps,

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i feel you on this, i struggle with intense feeling sometimes when im napping and wake up. it can sometimes feel like my entire world is ending!

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