How do i tell my boyfriend

That i love him?.. Ive been feeling it for awhile, even saying it in my head… But what if its not real? We’ve been togethet over a year… I dont feel obligated or anything like that… Im just scared to be hurt…


Well, I guess you wait until you’re both in a relaxed state with minimal distractions, and then just say it like you mean it.

About not wanting to get hurt…if you’re going to love this man, and live with him for as long as the both of you can stand each other…forever perhaps?
Then it’s best not to get to wrapped up in the thought that he’s going to hurt you at some point.
Because he probably will.
But doubt it will be intentional, so wait and see what he does about hurting you, because in the end, that’s all that matters- is what he does about hurting you that counts.

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