How do I tell if its the Lexapro?

I think Lexapro is making me feel bad. I’m only on 2.5mg.
Wonder if I should discontinue use.

I drank a bunch of wine to try to drown my sorrows yesterday… Woke up and took a lorazepam but not wine today I hope.

I like Cymbalta. Other ones make me psychotic.

I’m wondering if that isn’t happening. I can’t tell what is going on… but something feels wrong and I was borderline suicidal. They say suicidal thoughts can be a side effect of Lexapro or it could be just the illness. How do I KNow?

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I thought suicidal thoughts are a side effect of lexapro. It’s on the leaflet.I got them when I stopped it suddenly.

If you’ve suddenly got suicidal ideation after taking lexapro then tell your doctor about it immediately…

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