How do I stop the nightmares?

I don’t know what to do. I have been having them EVERY NIGHT for the past 3 WEEKS. They are brutal to the point where I am scared to sleep at night and have been staying up a lot of nights which isn’t good for me. Does anyone have any suggestions??

I’m not even under a great deal of stress or anything!! I graduated and the past week has been straight partying and celebration nothing bad at all!! I don’t understand!!

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I’m so sorry that you are going through this anna. I take prasosyn for nightmares it works great, its a god send for sure. Its a blood pressure medicine but from what I heard the va figured out that it was working on stopping nightmares in veterans with ptsd. I was skeptical but I worked my way up to 5 mg and they just stopped. I haven’t been woken by a nightmare since. Its a miracle for me. I hope this helps. stay alive fren


I have no great advise. Try the prasosyn as the other poster suggested. I hope it works for you. I don’t have nightmares very often at all but it is horrible when I do. Sorry you are dealing with that.

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I tried it before but had to stop because it really messed up my blood pressure…made me very woozy and I almost fainted several times. Maybe I’ll try it again anyways because I am getting desperate.

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These sound like night terrors. I think they’re generally the result of past abuse or trauma and I believe they are closely linked to PTSD. I think you’d be well served to have yourself see a mental health professional to help you get pointed in the right direction.

This could be an indication of a very serious problem that could cause you harm in the future. I’d play it safe and let a professional evaluate this one.

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Last night a demon took me prisoner in this weird plane and made me go through these challenges over and over again…they were incredibly difficult and would result in gruesome death if I failed, and I often failed…some of the challenges were not even true challenges but was rather it demanding I did some awful thing to continue…for example watching my younger brother be raped and then having to allow myself to be raped right after…

I remember pleading with it to let me go and end this. When it was about to rape me I said “This is very traumatic for me.” And it said “I know.” And did it anyways.

I had a six month spell of this - twice in my life…

I can only suggest meditation / reading / you tube videos possibly about relaxation… i have no real answer though! I’m sorry that you are going through this.

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Sleep with full stomach of fatty foods like fatty cheese,

Maybe if you read a cheerful book right before you went to sleep. Or maybe if you watched a good, nonviolent movie. (A movie called “A Trip to Bountiful” is a good, soothing movie to watch. I think it came out in the late eighties.) Maybe if you could change your flow of thought before you went to sleep. Try not to obsess on your nightmares. Is there any type of therapist you could talk to? He or she might know some tricks to get rid of your nightmares.

Yeah I try that it helps sometimes other times it doesn’t. I will talk about it w my therapist this week I haven’t really had a chance to tell her bc we didn’t have an appt last week.

Had some pretty…dark…dreams last night…in one I was in some sort of warped dimension…found a tape recorder that had recorded everything awful that had ever happened to me in my life. I did not listen to it and walked away. In another I had sex with my uncle?! Wth?! And when I did I suddenly turned into a child and was only like 4 years old. I also turned into a lamb. But I was a magical lamb that if you had sex with it it laid eggs that were supposedly absolutely delicious. So then various characters (the dream had become like an old timey cartoon) came to have sex with me and 4 year old me was excited bc I thought that meant they really liked me but was heartbroken every time when I realized they just wanted to eat my eggs the whole time.

How messed up is that. Why brain.

This sounds corny as hell and I learned it from a TV show that portrays mental illness pretty well :robot:. Anyway…he was trying to become the lucid observer.

He closed his eyes and chanted this mantra (very real thing outside of this TV show) “MIND AWAKE, BODY ASLEEP”

If you can become the lucid observer in your waking life, you will become that in your dreams as well. Hope this helps! Dreams are very important for the mind.

And also. What are your nightmares about?

This is only if u know u are non symptomatic with marijuana. After a couple days of smoking at night you won’t dream. So no good ones either.

I would get nightmares for a while if I ate food with garlic in it in the evening. I later
found out that other people had this experience too. Could you be allergic to something
your eating?

Guys I was having them because I had quit Zoloft cold turkey at the time. This is an old thread :slight_smile: @Wave if you wanna close this feel free

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