How do I stop getting hurt by every little thing people say?

So I was in a zoom chat with several people and I was playing the harp without my mic muted. After a minute of playing the harp, several people found that my harp distracted their conversation and asked that they could mute me so that they could keep talking.

I got hurt, and I just left the conversation on the pretense of finding a new song to play.

I felt like I was doing something wrong and I felt uncomfortable.

Now I’m really pissed to the point of leaving the group altogether.

How do I stop getting hurt by every single thing people say? I need to have some thick skin.

It’s hard but people do their thing. It’s great to be a part of a social situation but it comes at some cost. I’m sorry they told you that. I’d consider that pretty bloody cool and would love it as a background…

All’s I can say is don’t take it to heart. It’s not your problem it’s theirs so don’t take it too heart. We are always our harshest critiques in social situations because we think of the things others don’t. They probably didn’t even think anything of it…

Yeah, well they were talking about religion so I understand. But nonetheless I feel like my presence there wasn’t valuable enough. They probably didn’t think anything of it and didn’t mean it.

I’m not even in this university anymore and now I’m questioning if it is ok to participate in this group.

Yeah well they might have their own stuff. I don’t think it’s bad to get out there and communicate with groups. It works well for me but a lot of stuff I do that suits me. That is the thing…

It’s great to connect to people and your never going to please everyone but it’s worth the effort. If you find yourself beating your head against the wall though it’s probably time to get out and seek newer groups. Yeah. You’ll get there with some people but it could still be worthwhile!

I just don’t like getting hurt by people- I mean this was a very minor thing but I don’t feel like I matter anymore? It really sucks.

It’s really bothering me but I guess I’ll get over it soon.

This is why I don’t like interacting with people…like why socialize if you’re going to get hurt?

Ultimately because if your find friends it’s worth it. Friends/lovers/kindred spirits. Not everyone is out to get you and it’s nice to have people in your life who are solid.

It’s tough. It really is and we deal with these things constantly but it’s worthwhile trying…

Sometimes I refuse to make friends because I know that they will hurt me. I’ve realized that friends are just friends. In the end they don’t care.

I used to have friends but it’s no use since they are so far away now. It will take years for me to go and visit them. By that time, they would not remember me because they’ve seen me like 10 years ago.

There are two types of people: people who pretend to care, and people who try to take advantage of you. In the end it’s like “none of my business” kinda thing.

Even my family wants to hide my psychosis from my brother…poor him because he believes I just have regular depression.

I’ve just decided that I will not make friends. I’ve tried, though…

Can’t argue. Once bitten, twice shy. I get that but leave yourself open and keep out there. You might find a kindred spirit where you least expected it. It still worth trying. It really is.

Thanks, @rogueone. I would like to believe that someday…

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