How do I say this in ten characters?

I got my business done at the bank. They were as suspicious of me as I was of them being suspicious of me. Made it out without being carted away.

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i feel the same sometimes, going into a store i feel they are going to ring the police,but thankfully getting older i have realized it is just a delusion.
you are safe you are not going to be carted off.
take care

I’m uncomfortable in banks. I feel like I don’t belong there. .And they seem to feel the same. It’s my actions and their reactions. I look somewhat like a street person with a semi-large amount of money at this time. You know - one of those eccentric recluses. I didn’t think I’d be carried away, but I was glad there wasn’t a security guard. Nevertheless - Thanks.

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My kid sis is teaching me to bank on-line and have direct deposit. I still write checks for stuff but then just go to the post office for 30 seconds
They have a drive up window where you just pop the little letters in :mailbox_with_mail: :smile:

We go grocery shopping at around 10-11 P.m on a friday night. There are usually enough drunk college students in the market that the people working that shift are glad to see my sis and I since we’re not going to puke in the isle or pass out in front of the chips.

I dont feel comfortable in banks - Im getting better, but not liking the experience

I’m ok in banks, but I’m terrible in a grocery store. I feel sure I’ve stolen something and feel terrible about it and when I leave the store I think I’m being chased down for it.