How do i resolve this belief?

I sometimes think that the cia tries to gaslight, embed false things on my computer or reports fabricated facts about me to others. I get this idea whrn i see glitches on my computer.

The motive that i rationalize if that they just dont like me as a person for having a few pro iran friends or family members. Others tell me that the cia doesnt waste time on me and that they look at real threats to national security. But my view of the cia isnt very positive. I think they are capable of scapegoating minorities, acting fascist, do shady things,etc.

How do i shake off the notion that the cia isnt doing their job properly? I know i dont deserve this ■■■■■■■■.

The other delusion i have is that the north korean agency wants to take revenge on me for accidentally reporting that two girls were spies… when i was very sick in the past. But not ringing up the actual cop line. I honestly dont get why both the cia or north korean double agent cia would waste time on me anyways… me being sick and without a job on disability. Sigh.

It’s sounds like you already know the truth. You just need to keep reminding yourself over and over again to keep yourself calm and based in reality.


Thanks leaf! Im trying to see the contextual reality of how unlikely the worry is… but its kind of hard.

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