How do i order amisulpride for united states?

its most effective after clozapine… i swear usa doesn’t want us better with better meds out there. They approve amisulpride in intravenous form feb 2020 but not the pill

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I’m taking amisulpride 150mg, the brand i take is called “Sulpitac” by sun pharma. You can buy easily from any pharmacy in india. Maybe you can ask a friend to courier it for you. I think you need prx by an indian doctor.

prx? Whats that mean? I dont get what you mean by courier either

where are you from?

prx = prescription

I’m from india. I mean ask someone to mail it to you from india to usa.

mail = fedex or something

i don’t know anyone there

Its available in all english speaking countries like in Europe and australia. Only not available in usa/ca

i dont think i van get it and it would be a struggle

are you still on lexapro for intrusive thoughts?

move to another country lol.

Clozapine has made my ocd and weight gain worse. We are planning to stop clozapine slowly and move to amisulpride. Amisulpride doesnt cause much weight gain plus its more effective for positive symptoms than clozapine.

Yea I take lexapro 10mg in am and 10mg in pm. Its working, but i have to give it some time cuz i was adjusting the dose, i cant tolerate entire 20mg at once. So im taking divided dose now.

Amisulpride was a game changer for me (minus dissociation that came with it).

Pdoc said that it’s was good for my negatives, but it actually cleared up my delusions at least in half. However the claim about my negatives didn’t pan out since it was almost unaffected by medication.

I heard that Clozapine can be intrusive ap. Some people that I knew on Clozapine had to do blood testing on weekly basis because of the risk for developing potentially harmful side effects.

My dose currently is 800mg but I suspect it isn’t the last iteration towards yet another increasement in this never ending circus.

Have you checked your prolactin levels that they are in an OK range?
It is known for that sometimes to raise it.

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I think a Canadian mail in pharmacy might have it, requiring prescription. If they have it, they would get it from India

I hope you are replying to me. The name doesn’t show up in your post but I got notification.

I have not requested that kind of information. The actual side affects from Amisulpride are almost undetected other than couple psychological differences. And since there are no physiological changes, I’m not particularly worried about it.

But perhaps you are correct, there is no harm on requesting that data. So thank you I will follow up on that.

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Yes I was replying to you.

If I were you I’d defo ask for a blood test for prolactin levels… :slight_smile:

Better safe than sorry.

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Hi. Yes, amisulpride is very good and possibly the best antipsychotic on the planet but it has some serious side effects. Mainly, it raises prolactin levels which then causes other side effects. I think USA is protecting it’s citizens.

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