How do I make this stop?

This is an issue I have had for some time now. If I do not take care of myself sexually on a regular basis it is GUARANTEED that night I will have a nightmare of being raped or otherwise disturbing sexual content. A lot of times even if I do “take care of” myself that day, I guess it will not be enough and I still have those dreams. I feel like it is my libido taking out its frustration on me or something. It can be very upsetting. It used to also trigger my psychosis and/or flashbacks but it doesn’t really do that anymore so that’s good.

This isn’t an issue for me as well. So far, the only solution I have found has been making sure I orgasm frequently while awake. The unconscious mind can do weird things with sexual frustration.

I think that some of our other frustrations play a certain part in or as our sexual frustrations.
What is really bothering you, what’s beneath all those everyday stresses? I guess Freud should know.
Get yourself a jelly dick would be my stupid advice I guess.

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Well first off I’m a guy, I have very little sexual libedo and rarely ever dream so I don’t know how much I can add. Are you sure that you “taking care” of yourself isn’t just a compulsion? Maybe you have OCD.

Also the marathons that you have talked about might contribute to you being tired. Just me wondering out loud.

I started staying up until 6am due to nightmares. Now I don’t remember my dreams. Maybe sleep in a little sometimes to reset your schedule. I don’t remember dreams if I wake up at a certain time. I’m sorry you have nightmares.

As long as no one is hurt or offended, whats the harm in anything you dream or do in private?
Why make it such a big issue? Experience the odd without judgement and it looses it’s grip on you.

It’s not that I am ashamed by what I’m dreaming. It’s that it’s very distressing. They are nightmares of being raped, or of being sexually abused in general.

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I empathize with you as I have had similar nightmares. For me, they don’t seem to be tied to a lack of orgasms. I haven’t had any sexual desire in months and I can still have a horrible dream of someone trying to sexually violate me. It is an odd situation that you can’t take a break from masturbation without being punished with nightmares. I am super sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it gets better.

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I had a vivid dream the other night of zombies, and after I woke I realized it is just how I’ve been feeling lately. It’s what this disease makes me feel. I’d be curious what nightmares you typically have when they are not sexual. It might indicate what is causing your bad feelings and you might end up just having regular sex dreams instead after addressing the source.

Hmmm I’d say the grand majority of my nightmares have those violent sexual themes. Other things common are having to literally fight for my life or for others lives or being kidnapped/imprisoned.

That’s difficult. I know you feel trapped in your body in real life and that’s probably where it’s coming from. It’s difficult because how do you fix that? Positive thoughts and affirmations could help.

I feel bad for you that you have such awful, traumatic dreams. I am offering a shot in the dark but I wonder if a different medication could impact your dreams? I have occasional nightmares that usually involve being attacked (ass opposed to a car accident, getting cancer etc) and it is quite impactful. I can appreciate how this must be impacting you.

I almost always get nightmares. I rarely ever have a good dream. It feels terrible when you’re stuck in the nightmare, but once the nightmare is over it feels go to realize it was all in your head.