How do I look for my interview?

I thought I would need to dress up for the Skype interview with the head of department for the nursing course I have applied for.

Do I look smart enough???


You look sharp, @Joker-- best of luck!


Comb your hair… lol :grin:


I don’t have a proper comb. I have a beard one which is probably better than nothing!

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Use a tooth brush and meticulously shape it. :laughing: :slight_smile: … After you brush your teeth. :grin: Then get a new one if you can… you probably need a new one… do you know how I know? Because I know I do. :slight_smile: Toothbrush that is…

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You look smart with those glasses. But your hair is a bit crazy lol


it looks a little tight, but nice.

Good luck.

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Thanks @Daze

You mean the shirt?

It’s the only professional looking one I have

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If I were you, I would have prepared better for this interview. Like having a decent comb and a well fitting shirt.

Look professional which is good. Hope it went well for you.

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I was going to say comb your hair but ilovethaifood already said it.
Otherwise, perfectđź‘Ś

p.s You have much more hair than me and I just turned 30 lol

You look rakishly presentable…now go get that job!


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You just need to fix your hair. Then you’ll look great

I think your hair makes you look care free and confident, to be honest.


It made no difference in the end.

The interview went well, but the head of school could not give me a guarantee that my juvenile record wouldn’t stop me being able to register as a nurse at the end.

I don’t know what to do now

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Can’t you apply to the courts and pay a fee to get your juvenile records expunged from the history books?

Not possible - it sticks with you. In England employers cannot see your record unless it’s for something like healthcare work or justice

It’s okay to admit that last bit. I suggest, you have some right now time. Meaning, that was then, now don’t fret about tomorrow or the engagements you may have planned for the coming days, just take a day without talking about tomorrow should it arrive.

Looking sharp man, you got this you dont even need luck but good luck anyway

Are you sure about that? I’d talk to a Lawyer…I think you can get those records dismissed from your file.