How do I know if I should get a job?

I’m worried that people are spying on me, hacking me, and in general not being the kindest because they don’t like me because I don’t have a job when they think I’m capable of getting one. How do I know if I’m ready for a job? Should I try Fiverr?

Do you get disability?

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Yea…but since I believe I’m not sz most of the time I don’t feel I deserve it. I guess it’s sort of complicated.

Disability is hard to get. If they awarded it to you, the odds are that you deserve it.


Good luck. I am trying to figure that out too. It’s a risk. If you got the disability you deserve it. Most people get denied.

I am trying to get a good job. The trouble is finding someone who will hire you with gaps in your resume for a good job. And I have so many jobs I only worked at for a short time after I got sick it looks bad.

I wouldn’t take just any job. It would have to be a good one with a good schedule and a moderate amount of stress. Anything high stress forget it but by the same token low stress is boring.

There’s no perfect answer to your question.


Thanks for your advice.

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I would start by volunteering part-time and building from there. Get a job in retail or something that doesn’t make you think too much. Then go on to a white collar job and maybe more education. That is the path I took, and it took me 7 years, but I am working full-time and living on my own.

If you have gaps in your resume, give a “good reason” like personal loss (like your sanity :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) or you were a caregiver or a volunteer or something. I have a gap in my resume, and I put down my volunteer work during that time.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I have 7 years for a gap. I spent 1 year helping a family member.

What were you doing the other 6 years?

I can sympathize. It’s the toughest thing to get rudeness from people who seem to know you don’t work, and then feeling paranoid like the world wants you to go back into your hole when you are working. Ask your doctor if work is something you should be considering, based on your symptoms at the moment. And work toward finding a med that makes you stable enough to work. Even though I’m having more success on abilify, it’s a constant struggle to get myself into work and stay there. You might make mistakes, but the important thing is to not give up and at the worst move forward.


@Coldcomfort, I totally sympathize with your situation. Find something you love and work toward it. It does get better.

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I would consider finding work as a legitimate aspect of just being a human being.

Nothing is stopping you from trying out different 15 hour a week gigs until you find one that sticks and works with ya.

I mean you’ll never wind up sitting around asking yourself this again.

Being stretched a little bit every once in a while is a good thing for a person. Those diagnosed with schizophrenia included.

So I’d say good for it… even if it’s just flipping burgers or washing dishes a couple times a week… It’s money first of all… and on top of that there are a lot of enjoyable moments of accomplishment that come with having the most basic jobs.

You get it done… hell man out in cali you could be dragging in a whole near 600 a month for doing a 15 hr a week gig…

I’d encourage you to try it. Just don’t take on too much.

And you ain’t that special guy… Glad you are aware of the irony of your psychosis… it is just as ridiculous to believe as it is to entertain that movie being real.


Thanks, guys! @Coldcomfort I’ll talk to my pdoc about it on the 26th

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