How do i just accept the fact that im not good at anything. Its making me depressed i have tried alot of things and i cant find anything that im good at

I cant knit cant crochet because im left handed and we do things differently cant cook because im on a restrictive diet. I just need to find something i can say i am good at.

But you don’t have to be good at something to have worth as a person.

You’re surviving schizophrenia, that’s a big deal. You could say you’re good at that.


Yeah but it isnt the point i feel so worthless as an individual because nothing seems worthy anymore. I had these dreams of getting good at something and using it to help people like making clothes and scarfs and such i jist feel like i cant progress at all


I really think that this as much a mental issue as it is anything else. You beat yourself up too much and think negatively.

Most of my skills that I have are not useful to me much anymore. For example, I know a bit about electric work but I am very rarely able to use it anymore. I’m pretty good at miniature painting, but grew bored with it and no longer do it. But you don’t see me beating myself because my skills seem like they are mostly no longer useful anymore.

I truly think a lot of your problem is negative thinking and the way you view things.

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But i dont have anything to look forward too because i cant do anything nice. Im fed up of trying and getting no where. I think i want to stop these hobbies now because they arent bringing me joy they are bringing me misery.

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I’m good at some things.
And I feel worthless not cause I can’t get myself to do anything.
Nothing seems worth an effort.

I try to keep busy on just taking care of things that I can do.
Like walk my dog - wash my face - clean my room.


I’m not really good at anything either.

Not that I know of.

I suck at crewchetting and Knitting and I can’t sew and I might be a bit simple so I can’t learn how to sew.

Also i don’t like people telling me what to do and there are only very few people I could stand letting them show me how to do something.

I can make a edible soup so I make that for my loved one sometimes.
It’s not fabulous but it’s ok.

I get bored and depressed.

All my creativity gone and I can’t paint or draw as it’s child like like a three year old made it.

Apparently I was genius of charts on one thing audio something but that was never looked into by me or others so now I’m mainly simple.

Really depressed and bored.

I saw a crewchetted blanket in shop today and thought I can never crewchetted again because what I make is ugly.

I make ugly things.

I made a nice sandwich and coffee once and have done a few nice good things in my life but i can’t work because I avoid people because I’m a outsider who doesn’t believe as society believe and who doesn’t want part of their hierarchy games etc and who is minority in political and moral beliefs.
Probably like 1% or less believe similar to me.majority believe opposite to me.

Also i don’t like them supressing me or trying to dominate me so they feel superior when they are not.
I’m not ok with being treated that way.

Maybe some jobs don’t require interacting much.

I’m on the pension anyway.

I have to be careful because I want to drink alcohol to make time pass n depression away and stuff but my boyfriend will leave me if I become one and I want to be healthy n alcoholic not healthy.

I was going to gym six times a week but can’t go anymore because of people.
This got to me truly.
I was doing so well six days a week but …
They thought I was intimidated but I’m not I just think it’s not on treating me that way.

Now I don’t exercise.

I don’t know what we can do.

I don’t go for walks because there’s people everywhere and it rains most days.

It would be nice to do jewelry or pottery or something.

Can’t watch most tv because lots of actors supress me through screen.

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You’re closer to finding your thing. Now you know what to cross off the list. That’s still progress!


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Why not try something new?