How do I go about getting banned from here?

Tired of everyone. Doctors other szas humans in general. ■■■■ I tell my voices if I die they die.

Sorry you feel this way, I will leave you alone from now on. Best wishes to you, I hope you find peace.

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Humans do have a tendency to be terrible

I guess you could ask a moderator to block you if that’s what you want. I’m sure they could do it.

Nothing is getting better. I will miss y’all. I just need a break.dont ban me permanently.


I hope you find your break refreshing. :heart:

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Sending hugs and best wishes your way. We’ll keep the coffee on for ya.


Lol, me too! I guess we have a lot in common. I think if we met we would get along great!

I can just picture us having a cup of coffee at Starbucks and sitting across from each other glaring at each other with hate for an hour and not talking.


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