How do I go about getting an MRI scan and Angiogram? My negative symptoms are severe. Also anhedonia

What I say doesn’t matter. The debt based currency will continue.

The “debt based currency”??? I still don’t get it.

Just be ready. When this system fails.

Currency that is based on debt. The fractional reserve banking system. The numbers go up, but my money is worth the same. Rich keep getting assets, I just get pennies.

If you are discussing about the US debt that is over $21 trillion USD then yes, America should be concerned about its economy failing.

Most currencies are based on an exchange rate of other countries that depend on a country’s GDP output. The distribution of wealth is a concern for all nations as those who are privileged earn the most.

I hope I can be of some help by sharing my experience.

I have had 3 MRAs and MRIs done. One on my brain, one on the blood vessels of the brain, and one on my entire spinal cord. All were clear. But my neurological exam (reflexes) is abnormal. Turns out that I have a neurological disorder of the spinal cord.

MRI can help diagnosing multiple sclerosis and other brain diseases but it’s not a fit for everyone. I was thinking about getting a brain scan done to see if my condition has progressed to a certain degree, but I just decided not to. For some people, sz shows brain damage but for some sz patients it’s not even noticeable. So…it’s really a mixed bag really. Even people with neurological disorders get negative MRIs…(me included).

Hope this helps.

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Yes. I’m just concerned how to help the most disadvantaged of us when our (US) economy takes a drastic turn. Everyone’s going to have to work together: Sorry, a little off topic, but I thought it was important.

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True. A more functional economic system that evenly distributes, whether capitalist or not, is a lot better for functional outcomes of individuals. I don’t know if that lies with debt based currency, but I’d hope whatever we choose we make it work.

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Sorry for my obtuseness, it was just very hard to maintain employment with the high doses of antipsychotics. I encourage medication that’s right for the person in doses that give functional outcomes.

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Laetitia how did you do that? Should I just ask my primary care doctor to do an MRA and MRI on me? How long did the whole process take?

I had a neurological condition and that’s why I did it. If you are requesting it for sz, they might not approve the request but you need to see a neurologist.

Neurological basis of schizophrenia won’t show up on MRI or angiogram.

You are 29. It is unlikely.

You will require something like fMRI to figure out how schizophrenia correlates with your specific neurology.

Diagnosing is one thing and treating ailment completely another.

Self-referred tests are not always a good idea. Speak with your doc.

You might not have found right medicine.