How do I go about getting an MRI scan and Angiogram? My negative symptoms are severe. Also anhedonia

Who know’s, schizophrenia damages the brain. Be careful.

Perhaps, but then again I am not a psychiatrist that has read over your psychiatric medical history.

Just a matter of biology. Or medical proficiency: They gave me injections of full dose abilify a week after of full dose injections of Risperidone. That ■■■■ ■■■■■ you up.

I agree that biochemistry of certain humans do not go well with certain anti-psychotic medication. I am doing well with the injection version of Abilify. Don’t know about the injection version of Risperidone.

How are “they” killing me?

Well mixing the two is bad. :slight_smile:

Mixing what two??? Can you elaborate a bit more?

Speaking of people that don’t know everything…I don’t think you are qualified to give out medical advice about whether or not antipsychotics are “killing you” based on an internal monologue and whether or not mixing two antipsychotics is bad. Are you a psychiatrist?


No, but the psychiatrist is still human, whether my advice is significant or not. Just remember that.

Mixing two antipsyhotics without being careful is bad practice. I’m a person who works 40 hours a week, goes to school, and has a 750 credit score. Having high doses of multiple antipsychotics didn’t make that happen. :wink:

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Don’t believe me. I’m not you. Your life is your own. Just remember the psychiatrist is human.

Well, I am only on one anti-psychotic which is good enough for me. I, too work 40 hours per week but do not go to school. My credit is score is within 700-750 as well; however, I haven’t checked it for a while. Anti-psychotics do help inhibit schizophrenic symptoms. Everything else I do is all motivation and drive.

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I just feel good. No symptoms of psychosis or anhedonia. I feel good. No negative symptoms, never had a hallucination. Schizoaffective here.

I just think if you ■■■■■■ me to the point I cant work like a normal person, then you better give me everything I need, because no one else is going to take care of me.

The government assists those of its citizens who can’t help themselves and that is what some schizophrenics fall under. Schizophrenics are a part of the underclass of the social-economic status of society. Governments of the world try to pursue full-employment of its citizens to contribute to the nation’s economy. That is why there is an unemployment rate for each country.

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Well, the money they give is not enough. The debt is a lot. To think anyone is going to take care you for your life when you are below middle-aged is nonsense.

In my point of view.

The disability money that the government distributes to those who need it is supposed to provide basic necessities. Of course, working for a certain income is supposed to pay higher that disability money.

I don’t understand what “debt” you are talking about.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that majority of schizophrenics are single and die young according to most statistics. We try to make the best while dealing with this uncurable disease.

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What I say doesn’t matter. The debt based currency will continue.

The “debt based currency”??? I still don’t get it.