How do I go about getting an MRI scan and Angiogram? My negative symptoms are severe. Also anhedonia

How do I go about getting an Angiogram and MRI scan for my schizophrenia? My negative symptoms are horrible and I want to check my brain to see if the arteries in my brain are clogged from all the Fat in my system. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I saw a study that negative symptom severity was linked to Cholesterol.

My negative symptoms are:

My internal monologue is disappearing at this rate. Your own voice that you hear in your head when you speak inside your head - it is fading, as in like the volume of the sound is getting lower or smaller.

My emotions are fading. Every emotion in fact, not just pleasure or anhedonia.

My cognitive abilities are fading. My ability to think is just getting weaker and weaker. Everything you can link to the ability to think and problem solve - It is fading. Sadly, I’m not even joking.

My memory is getting worse.

Psychomotor retardation.

What steps can I take to get an Angiogram and MRI scan to find out what the problem is? I believe the arteries in my brain are being deprived of oxygen. It makes much sense to me. If it’s not the problem, then I’m still going to try and find out - so I can rule it out of the equation.

I only had physical tests after I became acutely unwell with no drugs involved, and they did every test they could to rule out a physical explanation for my illness

Not sure they’d test for negatives. These are usually disregarded at the best of times.

Psychosis however can be caused by physical illness, which is why they tested me out.

Might be worth a conversation with your doctor to see if they can help you with these concerns?

I doubt that your issue is clogged arteries in the brain.

Everything you mention sounds like schizophrenia.

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Yeah, but why do I have it at age 29, while some of you are much older than me without my symptoms? Could it be due to the state of our health??

What do you mean? We have plenty of people here at your age that suffer from both positive and negative symptoms.

This illness hits people differently regardless of age.

Are there or were there people here with my exact symptoms? Just wondering.

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Yes, I am one of them.

I recognize everything you mention. Loss of internal monologue, emotional flatness, memory issues, loss of cognitive functioning.

Take your meds!


What kind of cognitive functioning did you lose?

To you all, what happens at the end of this? Do we lose our ability to think? Because that’s what seems to be happening to me.

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I have severe negative symptoms and mild cognitive symptoms, no positive symptoms. There are no tests for negative symptoms and they are generally ignored by Drs as there is no treatment. No you won’t lose the ability to think completely unless what you have is Catatonia, you wouldn’t be able to type your post here if you had catatonia now.

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Ask your Dr for cognitive testing. I was tested by a neuropsychologist in a hospital.

Take your meds!

Well, how can you think if you can’t even hear your own voice in your head when you’re trying to think? I can barely hear my own voice in my head. I’m mad I let it get to that point.

I don’t hear my voice when I think, thats normal.

When I was psychotic I heard my voice when thinking.

I’m sorry, what? You can’t hear your own voice? How do you read then? What voice do you hear?

How can you read my post then?

I don’t hear voices, its simple.

I don’t hear my own voice when I think either, never have.

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What? When I read your post, it’s literally someone else’s voice that I put there.

Sorry, you confused me, I don’t understand.