How do I get the forum app on my iPhone?

Title says it all. I looked in the App Store, and didn’t see anything for the forums. How do I get the forum on my iPhone? I know I’m missing something…

Derp, there is no app. I just have to go to the site. I’m kinda goofy sometimes. Please don’t bother replying to my dopiness. :smiley: Mods, feel free to delete this.

No - that was a completely reasonable question. There actually is also an app that has been developed but I’m not sure how it works.

If you have an android device - maybe you can try it out. I haven’t had time to yet. Its not developed by the guys who developed the forum software so I’m not sure it it works well - but I’d like to try it out sometime too.

I’ll just chalk it up to it being midnight and being bleary-eyed that this nonsense came out of me. I do not have an Android phone, @SzAdmin, nor do I know anyone that does, otherwise, I’d have them try it out.

I checked it out this morning, got it from google play store, but it didn’t work at all on my Nook tablet.

Yeah, according to Admin’s snippet, it’s only for Android-powered devices AND a certain version of the Discourse software which powers these forums (no idea what version this site is running - you’d have to ask SzAdmin.).

From Discourse - FAQ:

What tablets and phones are supported?
Discourse was intended from the beginning for future high resolution displays and ubiquitous touch devices. We automatically switch to a mobile layout for small-screen devices.

Mobile Safari, iOS 6+
Mobile Chrome, Android 4.1+
Mobile IE, Windows Phone 8 or later

I have tried the Discourse (by goodev) on my Android 2.x without success.

Thanks for the update. WHat happened when you tried it? It seems like it crashes a lot (from the reviews).

I have just now tried the app on the Samsung Galaxy Grand without success, too.