How do I get my haircut like this (without showing the picture)?

What should I tell the barber? I kind of have social anxiety and don’t want to show him.


Go for a haircut …!!! Any haircut must be fine Adult my man…!!!


I dont think there is a way???

“picture is worth a thousand words”


if not that picture then could you do a reverse image search and find one you do want to show?

I dont see anything wrong with the picture though.

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I get anxiety about stuff like that too. Don’t understand why. But maybe cut or edit the picture as to only show the hair.

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Good idea to cut or edit the photo. Maybe show just the forehead upwards. The barber would want to give you the cut that you want, photos the best way to achieve this. Go for it!

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Maybe say shorter on sides, but slightly longer on top with a kinda choppy style.

I’ve also taken the liberty of editing the photo for you aswell just in case :slight_smile:


it’s the George Clooney fade…not too short on the sides…this is how I used to get my haircut when I had hair…I used to call it a fade…looks like a 3 or 4 on the sides and a little longer up top

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This guys got a distracting booger in the right nostril…

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Your comment is really good.

explain it to your barber how to cut

Just show them the picture. What’s there to be worried about?

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