How do I get more peaceful with myself

Have been thinking about the past and how I feel I did not get what I deserve and wanted to get back what I deserve even though it’s past.Reminiscing about the past will do me no good and the best thing for me is to move forward and work for a better future MYSELF.I am not at peace with myself this morning, it affected my mood.I need to get over this without affecting the harmony of me and others around me


I could have had a lot more enjoyment out of life and I cheated myself or was cheated by my mom or disease or by a bad man. I’ve got to enjoy what I’ve got left so if I have to repeat this life endlessly I’ll have some good times ahead.

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The art of not letting people get you down is the way to peace. If I knew how to do that, I wouldn’t be on this forum or I’d be telling you how.

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By not fighting. By not trying hard.

If one has to put in effort for peace of mind…I mean how does that even work?

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It’s so hard,I am naturally passive and I don’t like entertaining people,anyone.So generally people whom are more alpha,fierce tend to take advantage of me.

Yea,I am asking for more and then more and to have more I need to work more and do more.I need more peace for myself,but like you said I am asking more and we putting in more effort.I do not really deserve a lot of peace

There is always something more you can do for peace of mind. But things keep piling up. At end of you end feeling I don’t have time/energy for these things. Then realize nothing is really helping you.

Staying away from questions of deserving/worthiness helps. But this is not easy either.

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Meditation and yoga are the tips I have.

Health is wealth. If youre feeling down thats probably a good place to start. Its where i usually start my day. With taking care of my body.

You cant drive a car and then fill it with gas. you have to fill it up first.

What i mean is before you start your day with positive activities: reading, exercising, praying whatever it is you do. First tend to your basic bodily health

-breathing exercises
-herbal medicaion
-enough sleep

That usually solves like 1/2 the problem with feeling down, then i get on with other positive activities like work, thinking, etc etc

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