How do I gain the trust of new building tenants

Bunch of new people moved in to the building. I don’t think they trust me, what do?

You gotta realize you were there first. People naturally respect that. Most people any ways.

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Introduce yourself and bring baked goods’that’s what id do anyway ,everybody loves doughnuts,pies ya know crap like that,but don’t push yourself on them ya know?

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Just be friendly and say “hi” when you see them and once they see that you mean them no harm they will get to trust you. I am assuming you mean them no harm and I assume you are not causing any trouble. You’re going to have a hard time getting people to trust you if you mean them harm or if you are causing them trouble.

Do you trust them?

i don’t know them

Yeah ya do.

We all know eachother by now and what will go down.

They know you to.