How do I find out the time of an appointment with a counselor when all their offices are closed?

I have a VERY important appointment tomorrow and I better not miss it. It’s about getting my disability money and finding alternative housing with this new lady. But because it’s NEW YEARS I can’t call them up and ask them. Any help?

Ring them first thing in the morning.

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The only thing you can do is call in the morning when they open. I have a planner I write appointments in. You should get one and keep track.


I have a planner, too!

I have a mom planner, lol. Have a huge box for each family member for each day with their names predone. It’s a 2 year, I’m on the last year of it now, best 28 bucks I spent. It also has all the extra mommy things for lists, coupons. Doctor names numbers, etc. Ya know, the things that make the family semi functional daily. Only bad thing is it’s bigger than my purse I got for Xmas :rofl:

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