How do I do this?

So I have this problem I can’t seem to stop — It appears God is talking to me in my head, he’s causing issues for me as well as demons and such - I’m scared because I know it’s not real but can’t ‘snap out of it’

Do you have any technique to take my mind off of this so I can get my life back?

Is it hallucinations or delusions? When I got sick I thought Jesus was talking to me because I didn’t see anyone else around. It scared the hell out of me.

Antipsychotics help. Are you taking one? They help with my hallucinations unfortunately they don’t do too much for delusions.

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Well, it’s both - God is telling me it’s the end of the world and I can see angels in my head and that I’ll die for smoking cigs and it’s a cycle - i get scared then I bounce back

Take your meds and avoid all references to religion until you have the delusion under control. This is important because in the state you are in, any religious talk can be misconstrued and expanded by delusional thinking.

Wow so many posts about God delusions in under an hour.

Tell this to your pdr. He will fix it with new meds or a higher dosage.

I had a similar hallucination but I heard it all and saw it with my eyes. It took me a while to figure out it was a hallucination and wasn’t real.

If you know it’s not real you can fight it.

You probably need a med adjustment.

I look at the state our world is in (Corona virus, fires, tornados, riots, earthquakes, poverty, war, unemployment, government shut down) I’m so scared of dying and being hurt :sweat:

I think corona virus is stressing people a lot with time worsening mental illness.

What meds and dosage are you on if you don’t mind me asking?

Clozapine 200 mg
Propanalol 20 mg
Trazedone 100 mg
Venlafaxine 75 mg
Aripriprazole 20 mg
Lorazepam 2 mg

Yup that’s about it

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That should really do the trick. The Clozapine dose is low though so you could always go up on that. It might be worthwhile mentioning what you’re going through to your psychiatrist and see what they say about the Clozapine dose.

Yeah, it’s sooooooo hard living this way and my psych Dr is stubborn on changing my pills I’ve tried to raise the clozapine twice already …
I’m so scared… every single day

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That sounds terrible. All you can do is try again with them.

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