How do I decide, Whom can I trust...?

How do I decide what to do? I am torn up inside and confused at the moment. Whom can I trust such vivid details of whats running thru my head and within my life? Why me? Why do descion have to be so hard to figure out… Should I possibly up root myself and leave everything behind or do I try to give this my all and try to fight for everything I want to hopefully accomplish? what good or bad come of it?

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stay hopeful man!

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Can you give more details about what you want to share and with whom? You can trust us here

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I am invovled with a married woman and her son and husband. I also made a promise to help a pastor with tech support that live an hour away. the girl im with doesnt like the pastor and vice versa. i think i need them both in my life, but she wont stop slamming him even though he has stopped slamming her. my gals husband just wants power and controll of all money and activities. even thing i do of my own free going to see firework with her and his son while he got him self sun poisening to try to make everyone feel bad for him.ectra…

as far as trust i dont feel i can trust anyone to help me solve these issues or even trust issues i have with my gal her hubby and son as well as ones with pastor mentioned above… it seems like they all want stuff from me until i am totally drained emotionally and physically.

Sounds like you’re getting pulled in too many directions.

How did you end up in a 3 way and a kid?

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Don’t play this game, everything happens will be against you,
Quit this game ASAP and do not involve in their relationship,
You will be the only victim,

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we meet in a hospital. her husband had forced her into shock treatments. and he had been physically abusive to her before then. i love her so very much. i didnt know she married with kid until she came to my apartment with her child 3 days later.

then it grew into me living with them here to protect and to with her… due to her saying she felt only brotherly love for him. i took her word for it and then saw all her a tions of such

follow your conscience

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Maybe you should exercise some common sense and self control.
Messing with a married woman with a kid is bad news.
Do you really want to screw that kids mind up for life if he loses his father?

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her husband travels everywhere and constantly bad mouth her me and his son to all he encounters, and has threatened my life and hers off and on to our faces, but she say she not afraid of him.

he has already died once and i forced them recessate him

i seem some how to keep him her and her son alive at this junction in time

If i leave … i know she will get killed by him. if i stay she remains alive. if i help my pastor friend out i have to argue begg and plead with her to do anything for him.cause they dont like each other…

i asked her to get a divorse it is alway put on hold due to her hubby in control of 100% of thier income cc and other finances…

I guess i dont know how to make anything better what it is atm…

her hubby has T.B.I due him being ressacated late, also has dementia, incontenance… sun allergies type 2 diabetsis…

but he also doesnt watch his diet and abuses him self to get pity from her me and her son… then grumbles when he cannot control me or her or his sons actions…

also his son is a walking recorder for him…he (his son is autistic with adhd) but high functional.

maybe im just needing to vent… sorry all. i guess i dont have as much together as some think i do… sorry if i have mislead any and all into thinking such…

Don’t fret it, I’ve just seen too many cases like this end up very badly for all involved.

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I think I have figured out a way to make it all work. thank you to all for all the input.

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