How do I deal with my mom’s side of the family?

Any suggestions? After my mom died nobody from my mom’s family called to check on me or my sister. We were teenagers then. My grandmother did a lot for me when I was younger but nobody else in my mom’s family ever contacts me, my sister or my daughter or son. They contact my niece but she’s in law school. We don’t get invited to weddings nothing. I didn’t call them over Christmas but they didn’t call me either. I should have called my grandmother but I’m just so pissed.

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I say forget about them. Blood means nothing. Your real family are the people you choose to show love to.


I’m sorry, Loke. No one should be treated this way. It’s especially wrong that they will stay in touch with your niece, presumably because she’s in law school. My father and sister are treated this way by the paternal side of my family. My dad wasn’t even invited to his niece’s wedding in November, and often, they aren’t invited to holidays. My dad wanted to stay with his mom one weekend to visit, and she turned him down. It really hurts him. My sister just takes it in stride, but Dad doesn’t.


I get what you mean. I celebrated Xmas with my stepmom’s family this year. My stepmom loves everyone.


Real family doesn’t make you feel horrible. I’d say they stopped being family a long time ago.


You want to see the even little scrap of goodness in everyone. You’re dear, to me, for that, and many more reasons…

You care. You just have to determine if the pain is okay. I’m like… as long as I can sleep at night, yanno? I ran into my ex husband and he looked worried and afraid… I finally let go of the past. I won’t be his friend. But, I forgave him so that I could feel better.

You’re a smart cookie… that’s obvious. I admire you. Whatever you decide to do, I HAVE YOUR BACK!

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Amen girl. Thanks.

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Can you talk to your grandma about it and she might talk to the others about it.

I spoke to my grandma when my cousin wanted nothing to do with me and his mum when he refused to be my Facebook friend.he is my Facebook friend atleast now.

I have pretty much no contact with my brothers in Sweden and I think that’s because their father talks sh it about me and has since they were children told them I’m a loser trash etc.

Last I heard they were nice to me but they don’t they don’t keep in touch at all.

They are studying at university and one is already a college teacher.

My mum doesn’t help.
She never stood up for me when their dad trashed me.

I’m afraid if she does before me I’ll lose all contact with them.

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