How do i deal with attachment and problems moving on

It’s very hard for me to get close to people so when i do find someone (mostly regarding romantic relationships) i get attached VERY quickly. Once i reach that point i will do anything for this person and i just want to be with them constantly… It isnt exactly obsession but it could be similar.
Disclaimer…i do have borderline personality disorder so i know thats related. So Its As if their presence and reassurance is the only thing that will make me feel better. I do rely on others for happiness but sometimes i feel like i operate better as a person in general when i am with someone.

I got cheated on by the first girl i loved a lil over a year ago then she lied to me and led me on for a while.
that breakup killed me, i still havent gotten over it completely honestly. Ive had a few relationships since then but im going through heartbreak it again. I talked steady with this girl for 2 months and we were intimate and we vibed well and everything seemed perfect then all of a sudden she cut it off. We got along so well.
We were so close and had fun together. She cut that romance literally overnight. I feel so disposable. I give my whole heart and try my best to be a good lover.
This was about a week ago. I miss her so much. I hate how i let this affect me so much. I should be able to move on but its so hard. I feel so alone.

Give it some time. Like they say “time heals all wounds”

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