How do i accept that someone is better then me

I thought I have put in more time then him at work.He has a degree and I only have high school qualification.I have worked for more then ten years while he has five years at our company.My boss trusted him more then me,and his performance probably is better then mine.I am disappointed but I need to survive so I have to accept he is of higher rank,do you guys understand?

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I mean of course I feel injustice that I have spent five more years then he has in this company

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It does seem like quite a burn. I know this is where I’m supposed to say, you can’t compare yourself to others, but I know it can be difficult right now

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You can’t win 'em all. Like they say in AA, sometimes you have to just admit defeat and surrender. But they also say, “Surrender to win.” You may admit he has an advantage over your but maybe you’ll get something out of it.
IDK if any of this applies to you.


Yea need to stop comparing myself with others.This sentence was mentioned before by my case manager,a few psychologist and my psychiatrist.It’s ■■■■ that I am comparing again


Yea since I can’t win I would just admit defeat.Hopefully things will get better,now I am only taking medication for schizophrenia,I have seen online people taking a few pills daily for a few disease they had

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Maybe you could take some time to learn about your company and stay after work sometimes. If you can prove yourself to your company you might rise in it. Then again, maybe not. The whole world can be very unfair at times. But at least you can say you tried.


I check in earlier then him,and check out later then him(Mostly).His education level is the highest in our company(SME).Which probably prove that he use his brain better then all our worker/co-worker.

Not necessarily. It proves he has higher standing, that’s all. That is something that it is hard to overcome, but you can still probably rise in your company. You might or might not overtake him. You don’t want to antagonize him, but do your best.

Its in the tittle, you accept it. If you dont you don`t : )

There is always someone better than you and always someone worse. Enjoy your place in the middle.


I agree with this. There will always be someone better, and there will always be someone worse. And that’s ok.


You should be considered a very valuable employee for working there that long.

You sound too competitive @Gtx1990
Just let it go.

You are not inferior to him.



Different people have been better than me in different ways in virtually every aspect of my life my entire life. There is only one thing I excelled at that I did better than anyone else I knew.


He’s not better than you at everything. He might excel at work but suck at relationships. Maybe he has a weak immune system and will get cancer, or maybe he’s partially blind and will be hit by a bus.

Always look on the bright side.

Curious minds want to know…

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That’s a bright side??

lol, ok, since you asked.

First a bit of backstory. The system has changed now but when I was in high school you had to take 6 OAC credits (Ontario Academic Credits) to get into University. Think of it as a grade 13. Based on your OAC average you either got accepted or rejected from the Universities you applied too.

In my OAC Finite Mathematics class every week my math teacher had “The problem of the week”, they were not part of the official curriculum, just something he did. They were obscure math problems that usually required knowledge of what was being taught in class, but also logical and abstract thinking to solve. My math teach would usually give me marks like 12/10 (120%) or 13/10 (!130%), I once got a 14/10 (140%) because my answers were so well thought out and articulated. I never got less than 10/10, and that was rare. I did better on those problems than anyone else I knew.

It’s a bit of a nerdy achievement but I’m still proud of it, It let me know that my ability to think in logical and abstract way with that type of math was well above average and it made me feel good about myself.


Wow!! That’s awesome!! You should totally still be proud of it!

Because you showed you don’t just regurgitate what you learned, but that you could apply it to other problems. Well done.

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