How do depot meds work?

Its a mistery to me. They infect a patient and alot of med goes in. How does it work. Isnt that an overdose?

I have had depot injection…but i dont wanna have it if i dont know how it works.

I’ve wondered this too, to be honest …

Intramuscular injections allow for slow absorption of the active components of an injection as opposed to subcutaneous which is usually faster - e.g.; Nutropin (human growth hormone) Depot formulation consists of micronized particles of rhGH embedded in biocompatible, biodegradable polylactide coglycolide microspheres that dissolve slowly over time. It comes as a powder and liquid.

Intramuscular administration will generally assure reasonable distribution of the drug within a dependable period. The generous circulation in that area and the milking action of muscle contraction help with distribution.


So if I have 5mg left at 4 half lives how long till I’m done and healthy brained again I was on 1 shot

Likely 50-300 days after your last dose.

The half life of a drug is the time it takes for the amount of drug in the system to decrease by half. The half life of this drug when given as an injection is 25 to 49 days.

Normally it takes 3 to 4 half lives for a drug to be eliminated completely though the side effects may stop before this time. This means that the drug would be completely eliminated by 75 to 196 days.

As mentioned before, any side effects would start to reduce before this time.

I hope this helps.

Will my schizophrenia come back and will the dysphoria go away like normal people see things along with motivation

It may or may not go away. Antipsychotic meds may have side effects, some lasting. You are unlikely to experience an acute response to discontinuation. However, in the absence of something else to treat your schizophrenia, you will most likely have a recurrence of your psychiatric symptoms. I hope it clears fairly soon and you can see progress toward clarity once you know signs.

It’s been 4 Months. This has to have an end. When do my receptors come back fully to over compensate for the withdrawal and to what extent do people heal after 1 Depot

It is not clear which specific neurotransmitters are involved here. Your neurotransmitters will eventually return to pre-drug levels, but it can take weeks or months. Also, your illness may return as your drug levels decrease. This can be different for different people, doses of medications and other factors.

In theory, the use of any receptor-driven chemical stimulus over time will result in reduction, or down-regulation of those receptors, especially if the dose is increased. The body tends to counteract the effect of any medication that alters the nervous system. Antipsychotics, typical or otherwise, do block dopamine (the atypicals somewhat more selectively), hence stimulate the growth or receptors. But, yes, when the medication is discontinued, the stimulating effect is gone, and the receptor density returns to normal.

Anhedonia, meaning loss of interest or pleasure generally, or in previously enjoyed activities, can be a symptom of depression. If it persists, you should seek help from a health care povider. You may benefit from a drug called Dexedrine Spansules. It has more than a fair chance of working for you.

Thaankyou so much honestly I just read about a women who is still dealing with less life in her right hemisphere idk what that means but I hope it resolves itself anyways I came to say would it take two years for one shot to return to pre invega

Depot shots typically last long in the body compared to pill version. The receptors in the brain will NOT be in danger its just adjusting to change in the brain and when coming off the depot you will regain “pre invega” state.

Invega/paliperidone is one of the better depots around id take it over the rest.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much ,:heart::100:

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Your welcome, if any future relapses occur I would suggest Invega pills instead of depot.